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Generally, new customers will have plenty of questions. Here we’ve compiled some of the most common ones. If you’re still curious, you may contact us.

If you need answers now

If you cannot wait for an email response or this is a time-sensitive request, call us now.

  • Our offices are located in Queens, New York, but we are a mobile wash catering to the Hamptons.
  • Currently, we are only accepting cash / Zelle / PayPal / CashApp payments.
  • Each service length is listed below its respective package.
  • We offer our services even if you are not present. Please contact us to confirm where you should leave the car keys.
  • Some of our work may remove light scuffs / traded paint but we do not currently offer bodywork. We can make recommendations to specific body shops on request.
  • Currently, we do not offer engine bay cleaning, but we hope to in the future.
  • We only use the most premium cleaning products (i.e. Meguiar’s, Chemical Guys, etc.)
  • Absolutely! Just make multiple bookings with consecutive time frames.
  • Auto Detailing Clay Bars are engineered resin compound used to remove microscopic contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass and metal. It is recommended to perform a clay bar treatment on your vehicle at least once or twice per year, in order to keep the paint healthy.
  • Tire dressing is a product applied to tires to make them look shiny, clean, and new. Detailing shops and car enthusiasts use tire dressing regularly. Tires and wheels are critical to the overall appearance of a car and yet are often overlooked.
  • Wax is more than just a shiny look. It protects paint from everyday damage like sap, road splatters, sun damage, oxidation, water damage, and so on. It is recommended to wax 2 – 3 times per year. A clay bar is also recommended every time you wax to remove left over dirt and grime that a regular wash cannot remove.
  • We do not restore headlights currently, but we can make a referral to a professional headlight restoration center.
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